Saturday, November 22, 2008


Welcome All!

Pls email / ym me to
to have my new link..

thankies :)

Mutuk's & Co.


precious innocent said...

uik!!! what happen beb???!!!

-mama emma-

ya2 said...

apo bendo nih?

ada apo yg aku xtau ko?

AdAm n FaMiLy said...

Uiks? Musykil...musykil....
Mn g reben2 indah lg menawan itew intan? Ape dh jd? Ape dh jd?

Anasfadilah said...

jgn lah hilang

nak tenot iman daniel tonggeng2

kiut owh~

siti fatimah said...

apa dah jadik nihhh???
dont 4 get to add me k!!

bongkok lentik said...

:( nape ni
ade siamang kacau ko lg ek laa link baru ko
email add aku

Anonymous said...

Hi all moms,

I have just launched a new listing for Malaysian moms/women blog. It's called the BlogDirectory.

You're invited to list your blog there, together with other Malaysian mom bloggers. The Blog Directory is categorised by states to make it easy for you to connect with other moms closest to you.

Please visit

And, appreciate if you could tell your blogger friends about it. It's free!

Thank you and have a nice day!

C!kpuanmuda said...

ala... nape la nyah! add i juger...